Hamilton, ON Real Estate

    Prepare to discover a Hamilton you don’t know. Look deeper, listen closer, and discover a city that’s sure to surprise you. Find out what we’ve known all along. Where the arts thrive. Nature surrounds. And history is revealed. A good secret is hard to keep.

    Rich in history and culture and surrounded by spectacular nature, Hamilton, Ontario is a city like no other. Unique for its distinctive urban feel and vibrant arts and culture, Hamilton also boasts deep roots and a proud history. Bounded by the picturesque southern shores of Lake Ontario and the lush trails of the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Hamilton offers incredible access to conservation and recreation lands, amazing waterfalls, and is a natural playground for cyclists, hikers, boaters and outdoor adventurers.

    Hamilton boasts endless experiences for the most discerning traveler. Take an exhilarating trip through nature’s most beautiful work at the Royal Botanical Gardens; commemorate one of Canada’s most pivotal moments during the Bicentennial of the War of 1812; set your sights on Canada’s living military history at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and the HMCS Haida; drive through African Lion Safari’s animal game reserves and get up-close with Lions and Giraffes; wander through one of the finest collections of art in Canada at the Art Gallery of Hamilton; take a leisurely stroll through the stalls at one of Hamilton’s local farmer’s market; find your sense of play at top-ranked golf course, or catch future stars in action at a Hamilton Bulldogs OHL game.

    Ideally located in the heart of the country’s most popular travel destinations, the City of Hamilton lies halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls, less than an hour from each, making it an ideal destination, an attractive overnight detour, or a convenient stopover.

    Hamilton’s real estate market has been on fire for years, but in the first half of 2017, the flames were getting out of control.

    Between 2016-17, many buyers started to come to Hamilton looking for relief from Toronto’s overheated market, but Hamilton bound home buyers started experiencing the same frustrations. Bidding wars were driving prices up far over asking, leaving many real estate clients disappointed and frustrated.

    Then, in April 2017, Ontario passed the Fair Housing Plan, placing a 15-per-cent tax on foreigners buying property in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Within a couple of months, the market had drastically changed.  It was like somebody turned off Niagara Falls, everything dried up at the flick of a switch.

    Today, Hamilton’s real estate market has returned to something resembling normalcy. Properties are still attracting bidding wars and selling for more than their asking prices, but by a much smaller margin — think $15,000, not six figures.

    You can be sure, Hamilton will continue to be a great place to invest for home buyers priced out of Toronto. More than half of the neighbourhoods in the city and surrounding area saw homes go for an average price of less than $500,000 in 2018.

    Ranking suggests Hamilton’s best buys are in the lower Hamilton city centre, an area that’s attracting young families as it gentrifies. Many of those homes are large, full of character and come with ample parking — attributes that will be attracting people from the Toronto area for a long time, barring a full-on price crash.


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