Find Your Oakville 2 Hamilton Dream Home!

Find Your Oakville 2 Hamilton Dream Home!

Sue Nori is an Oakville/Hamilton area Realtor® who brings personal experience as both a property investor and property manager to her clients. As an enthusiastic real estate investor herself, she understands that getting into today’s high-priced market often requires utilizing unique and personalized strategies, especially for families looking to Buy or Sell in popular communities such as Oakville & Hamilton.

What sets Sue apart is……The tremendous experience Sue gained maneuvering through the real estate acquisition, development, renovation & property management of all her investment properties. This background provided her with the practical and business savvy to help guide her clients through smart buying and selling decisions (see resume on LinkedIn). Whether buying or selling, Sue is one of the rare real estate agents who actually understands what is behind the walls. She can identify for you a home that is a good investment vs one that could turn into a potential nightmare………


Use this website to set up an automatic MLS property search using the criteria that fits your needs & wants specifically (# of bedrooms/ bathrooms/city/type of home etc)

The listings will be sent to you immediately when a property matching your criteria comes onto the market.  This way you will have option of viewing properties of your choice LONG BEFORE other buyers even see these listings on!

When you see a property you would like to view and are ready to commit, call Sue and she will work with you setting up viewings and starting the buying process……

  • √ I will never try to “sell” you on a home. Rather, I will show you houses for sale and provide you with the information and research to help you make the best real estate decision possible based on your goals and needs.
  • √ I will help you find specialized services such as legal, mortgage lenders, inspectors and insurance
  •  I will negotiate on your behalf to ensure your purchase price, terms & conditions are of optimal benefit to you
  • √ I will assist and manage all aspects of the transaction in order to de-stress the process and ensure proper legal procedures are followed
  • √ I will communicate, communicate, communicate…

  Sue will ensure you find that special home that strikes the PERFECT balance between a good investment and a warm hearth…….  


The RIGHT PRE-SALE IMPROVEMENTS can bump your home up into the next price bracket…..Don’t leave money on the table!

You have to be SMART about where you put your “pre-sale home preparation investment” to ensure your home sells AT TOPDOLLAR  for the least preparatory investment possible.

Visit to learn which pre-sale upgrades get you the most money for your home!

For My Sellers…..

  • √  I will provide in-depth neighborhood market evaluations using current housing stats and pricing comparables in order to better establish your home’s current worth.
  • √  I will help to identify and make changes that will enhance the resale potential of your home and present it in the best possible light. (**see under SELLING menu heading –
  • √  I will protect your home’s equity by negotiating optimal price/terms & conditions for you.
  •  I will assist and manage all aspects of the transaction in order to de-stress the process and ensure proper legal procedures are followed.
  • √ I will communicate, communicate, communicate… 
  •  I project manage your pre-sale upgrades for free when you list with me!


For Buyers – use the MAP SEARCH to fine tune your property search

For Sellers – visit  OR for further valuable selling information